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I play a couple different high school sports. As a result, I often have lower back pain. His adjustments and treatments have helped me tremendously! Thanks Dr. Charles! You’re the best! If you have similar problems, I highly recommend that you see Dr. Charles!

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For or over 10 years, Dr Charles has been treating me whenever the need arose. Chiropractic has always helped a chronic lower back condition. I’d gone to other docs in the past. But, sometimes felt pressured into treatment plans that seemed to be too much. With Dr Charles, I never felt pressured and always felt comfortable with my treatments. He listens and really cares! I felt he treated me with the same care and respect as he would treat his own family! Thanks Dr Charles!

Joe K.
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As a registered nurse I see every day the effects of improper nutrition, lack of exercise and poor lifestyle habits can have on a person. I looked in the mirror and saw I was headed there myself. Dr. Gonzales was like a breath of fresh air because he had such confidence when speaking with me and his recommendations also worked. . I’ve lost nearly 25 lbs, smile all the time and have the energy and lifestyle I’ve always craved since visiting his office.

Patient Testimonial

Check it out! Very good experience to rehabilitate shoulder, before and after repair surgery! Personally, now 4 months into rehab, Dr. Gonzalez provides a knowledgeable staff supporting your chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture needs and more. Wellness space and office are immaculate, plenty of parking too!

Bobby M.

As a competitive athlete I’m always looking for ways to improve my performance. Dr. Charlie has taught me so much in such a short period of time and I continue going back because I have never achieved better results in my life.

Patient Testimonial

I found Dr. G in January 2008, and I have been seeing him ever since. I cannot even imagine missing a visit because the adjustments not only feel amazing, but they also lead to mental clarity and energy. His advice is also profound because prior to visiting the office, I felt like I plateaued with my weight loss, and I still needed to lose 10 lbs. Not only did I lose this weight, but I lost an additional 5 lbs. My life has completely transformed as a result of Dr. G and the chiropractic lifestyle. Oh, I almost forgot to mention, my children visit Dr. G each week and both are no longer suffering from allergies, which were debilitating at points.

Patient Testimonial

Dr Charles is the absolute BEST! I’ve had issues with my feet and ankles. That only adds to pain in my lower back. His adjustments have really helped! His foot massages really add to making this a healthy experience!

Sammy K.
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My medical doctor said I needed to change my daily habits for eating and exercising, so I started to do some research and kept on seeing chiropractors show up as wellness experts. I was surprised with these results because I only thought that chiropractic was for neck and back pain, but I am overjoyed that they actually offer so much more. Not only have I seen transformational results, but we also brought our 3, 7, and 9 year old children in for care and all three no longer have asthma or allergies. Dr. Charlie is truly a difference maker.

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