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Flexion Distraction Decompression Therapy Helps to Alleviate Back Pain, Pinched Nerves, Disc Issues, Sciatica Pain and More!

Spinal Decompression Therapy in Bayonne, NJ: Flexion distraction decompression, also known as spinal decompression therapy, helps alleviate pain associated with the discs in the spine that are between vertebrae. Spinal decompression involves stretching the spine using traction table technologies with the goal of relieving pain and increasing functionality in the spine.

Due to age, lifestyle or injury, discs can become herniated, bulge or degenerate. Once this process begins, there is limited range of motion. Pain and discomfort may also occur in the spine and in the legs. Spinal decompression is a low-risk treatment and a great alternative to surgery. It is highly effective in treating difficult conditions like sciatic pain and chronic low back pain.

Flexion Distraction Decompression Therapy Differs from Other Treatments Because It Is:

  • Non-Surgical: has no side effects and requires no recovery time
  • Proven Effective: certain studies reveal 92% of surgical candidates avoided surgery and reported a 50% or greater decrease in pain after undergoing flexion distraction decompression treatment
  • Gentle: treatment is comfortable, even relaxing
  • Affordable: the total cost of a full treatment regimen is typically less than your co-pay for surgery, and easy no interest credit plans are available for uninsured pain sufferers

Patients Experience Non-Surgical Relief of Painful Conditions with Decompression Therapy

  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Sciatica
  • Bulging discs, herniated discs
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Worn spinal joints (posterior facet syndrome)
  • Injured or diseased spinal nerve roots

Spinal Decompression Alleviates Pressure and Elongates the Spine:

Spinal decompression at Gonzales Chiropractic is nonsurgical and painless. The specialized treatment involves stretching the spine and can improve posture, flexibility and daily living. It works by creating space and lowering pressure in the discs to cause an influx of healing nutrients and other substances into the disc that are important for improving functions of the body.

This lower back treatment allows the body to stretch in a way that the patient would be able to do so at their own home. After spinal decompression, patients will feel elongated and relaxed. Other therapies may be combined with spinal decompression such as chiropractic care, massage therapy, acupuncture, diet recommendations and exercises depending on the patient.

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